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America in the Mirror

Welcome to the website of our latest book: America in the Mirror by Debra Newberg. This book and its author are receiving excellent reviews for offering a new, inspiring perspective on the legacy of Michael Jackson. See why people are calling this book insightful and honest. It questions everything we thought we knew about Michael Jackson, family relationships and the media's impact on our children. Michael Jackson's fans are saying this is the book on Michael Jackson they have been waiting for... a true treasure to collect. The public also insists this is the book America has been waiting on and needing. Someone needed to take a stand and tell it the way it is. You may not agree with the author, but you have to give Debra Newberg credit for being strong enough and powerful enough to say what our politicians will not. Remember Debra's words, "America, it's time to make that change."

We invite you to order a copy today and experience some interesting concepts from Debra Newberg's unique point of view. See what others across the US, UK, Canada, China and Japan already know!


Debra Newberg is available for speaking engagements about her book. To inquire about availability or book a public appearance or seminar, please contact us.

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